The Ðelman (singular Ðelma) are a sapient humanoid species that inhabit Aldyen, the south-east continent of Feo. They are cave-dwellers, and speak the Ðelmandi language.

Appearance Edit

The Ðelman are roughly humanoid, with limbs just long enough to seem out of proportion to the rest of their bodies. They have three fingers and one thumb on each hand, and their fingers are long and pale and thin. Their feet are huge and flat, with four splayed toes to put less pressure on cave floors and support their almost gangly frames. For the most part, their hair is silvery and reflective, though it can range from black through grey to white. Their eyes are huge and bulge out from their faces slightly, and are extremely sensitive to light, causing the Ðelman to have to wear veils when venturing out of their subterranean home. Small, thorn like structures (about five centimetres long) jut out from their elbows and shoulders, and smaller ones can grow from the shoulder blades and sides of the face. 


Main citiesEdit