Height 160 - 180 cm
Hair None
Eyes Solid dark green
Skin Scaly
Lifespan 250 years
Dominion Banlot

A map with an arrow pointing to Banlot

Banrok (singular Banrak) are a species of marsh-dwelling bipedal humanoid repltilians who live in north-east Feo.


They have skin like to a crocodile and teeth similair to a sharks. They are aproximately the same height as a human and have a serated plate with backward facing spines running down the centre of their back. Being reptilian, they are hairless and have webbed feet to allow great speeds when swimming.


They make their weaponry out of their bodies.

  • They make swords out of the plate on their back
  • Spearheads out of sharpened scales
  • And arrowheads out of their teeth

The spines on the backplates are such that when someone is stabbed with a Banrok sword, if the blade is pulled out, it rips out flesh with it.


The Banrok are split up into various tribes. The main tribes are the

  • Krackok Tribe; mighty warriors
  • Gandarbot Tribe; mighty craftsmen
  • Debandok Tribe; most intelligent of all

There are other tribes, but the above three are the largest and most powerful.


The Banrok feed mostly on a swamp dwelling creatures, such as the Randobar, but certain hunting tribes who live near the edge of the marsh hunt on the plains and sell the animals they catch there for high prices as rare delicacies

The Grand TempleEdit

The Grand Temple is inside the biggest tree of the marshes. It is in the area ruled by the Debandok tribe. Inside it is the most holy of all Banrok treasures - the Water Crystal. The Water Crystal is a blue crystal that permeates the area surrounding it with strong magic.