Map showing the location of Bereryn
Place in Feo
Type Realm
Capital Bygloft
Beferyn is a large realm inhabited with Bymworyn and Tul.


In the first memory of civilisation, Beferyn was defined as the south area of the North Land. However, the border was loosely drawn by the huge desert to the east. By AT 372 two main governments desired power for Beferyn. This was a govenment of Tul, and of Bymworyn. The Bymworyn didn't often engage in politics, but they disliked the Tul, and didn't want them ruling. A lottery was held for the Bymworyn of who would lead, andone called Hygan won. Hygan named their force the Kyrynol.The Tul, though they were violent creatures, knew the potential force of Kyrynol, and called a meeting with them. It was decided that the Dyl-Plains, Smooth Island and south of the Long Mountains would be the Tul's and the rest be for the Bymworyn. A reluctant peace was struck between them in AT 374, though they are still passive-aggresive towards each other. Hygan moved back into the forest from whence he came, and named it Kyrynos, after their governement. He settled in a small village called Bygloft, which would grow and become the capital city. Proper borders were established, and Beferyn fell under an uneasy peace.

Beferyn with labels

Modern Beferyn