A queen is performing acts of extreme evil using sorcery and stealing people’s magic so she can do more magic. This is robbing many people of their magic. One of her six royal advisors (who each have given up one eye) is called Avalni, and one day the queen instructs him to find an object which will help her leach even more mgic off even more people. However she does not tell anyone that. Avalni immediatly accepts, knowing nothing better, and sets sail with someone called Landim, who wants to make a map. However a storm blows them off course and they land on Faleja. The people who live there want to sacrifice her, however one, called Ahlije join them on their quest. They set sail again and end up in Beferyn, in Rynton. Meanwhile the queen is injured and all the previously powerless people can do magic! The city is in ruins. An ex-terrorist, who became a gladiator and later a spy, named Verida, and a banished one-handed priestess named Meridel go after Avalni and Landim, knowing that they may have found the object that can save the city. Avalni and Ahlije ask around and find a historian named Karyk, who has been studying the object. He says he is pretty sure he knows where it is, and they go off to get it, leaving Landim behind. However, Karyk secretly knows that Ahlije is the object, and kidnaps her! Verida and Meridel find Landim and they realise what is going on! They rush to the place Karyk spoke of, but they can’t find any of them! To be continued.